How to make money ideas: Low-cost CCTV using a website

Security is a very big issue in most parts of the world just now and the situation is bound to get only worse in the foreseeable future. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that many smart folks have taken to electronics and technology to help protect their property and lives. The only big draw back is the cost. And that is why this idea is sure to take off like a rocket headed for the moon.

These days there are very cheap cameras around (using the same technology as those cheap webcams people have on their PCs.). It will not be too difficult to install these tiny cameras that are supposed to be concealed for maximum effect, and then linking them to a website. Your clients will have access to monitoring their locations by signing into the website. By linking to a website the cost of CCTV comes down dramatically because they don’t need wiring and TV screens on site. It also means that your profit margin can be much higher.

To ensure that your clients still have access even when there is a power outage, advice them to purchase laptops (which can easily stay on for an hour after the power has gone) and then also invest in a small car battery and inverter to provide power for longer periods of power outage. This is important because criminals may sabotage the electricity so as to avoid detection. They have done this in many instances.

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